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Tell me more about Homeschool Hub...

Homeschool Hub offers one on one tutoring virtually, lesson plans, pacing guides, assessments, and will answer any and all parent questions specific to homeschooling (registration per state guidelines, record keeping, report cards, transcripts, etc). There are monthly newsletters and meetings for parents on important topics to keep families in the know and to be sure they have all needed resources. It is designed for working parents to have a simple way to homeschool and parents with no education experience can rely on licensed educators to keep their child on track. 

How does Homeschool Hub help families?

We will support their journey with whatever they need so that it is an effortless and painless process for them.  All families have to do is ask and we will find a way to help.

Can families pick and choose services from Homeschool Hub?

Yes, families can pick and choose services.  The services are created a la carte so families can choose what works for their children.

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