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Admission to The Homeschool Hub is as easy as one, two, three.  Let us show you...


  1. Register for our free parent trainings with question and answer opportunities.

  2. Register for our VIP Homeschool Hub Plan which gives you and your child access to a yearlong pacing calendar, monthly curriculum guides, and weekly lesson plans.  This option also gives your child once a week tutoring from a licensed teacher so you can homeschool without the prep work.

  3. Utilize our forums for questions and answers with the paid VIP subscription.  This will provide assistance with staying in compliance in your state, designing report cards, transcripts, formative assessments, etc

How to Apply

Utilize our plans page to subscribe to a full service homeschool plan that offers all the bells and whistles of homeschooling while we do all the work.  Your child will receive support from licensed teachers along the way. 


If the monthly plan for VIPs is not what your family needs, you can utilize our full menu to select what services best fit your needs.


Tuition for the VIP plan is drafted monthly and may be canceled at any time.


Utilize our forum for questions, answers, and discussions.  

Subscribe to the monthly newsletter for updates on new and relevant information from our founder.

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